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Luang Phabang, an architectural journey

The book “Luang Phabang, an architectural journey” is based on the visual and technical materials produced for the nomination in 1994 of Luang Phabang to UNESCO World Heritage list. Stunning photographs and texts by heritage experts complete this fascinating insight into the history, evolution and prospects for the future of one of Asian most remarkable cities. By creating this book, the hope is to promote the magnificent city as a true treasure of the modern world, and contribute to its preservation.

Architectural drawings
François Greck, architect in Laos since 1993
Jean-Baptiste Lagier
Jean-Christophe Marchal
Manthourath Sundara

Thierry Ranavand
Jean-Pierre Cuomo (contributed additional photographs for the civil architecture typologies)

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Somsanouk Mixay, vice-chairman of the Lao Journalists Association
Pierre-Bernard Lafont, professor of South-East Asian history and philology, Sorbonne University, Paris
Richard A. Engelhardt UNESCO regional advisor for culture in Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok
Aiden Glendinning, writer and translator, Vientiane
François Greck, architect D.P.LG., interior designer, Ateliers de la Peninsule Co. Ltd.
Laurent Rampon, heritage architect for Luang Phabang Heritage House, 1998-2001
Heater Peters, original UNESCO project coordinator, “Cultural Survival in Luang Phabang”.

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