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40 Français qui entreprennent

40 French entrepreneurs in the East
Author: Anne Guarrigue, writer and journalist

Luang Prabang - 1999 - Capital of Legend

  • – Auteur : Thomas Renaut
  • – Éditeur : Asa
  • – Collection : Capitales De Légende
  • Date de parution : 1999
  • – Croquis de Jean-Christophe Marchal architecte DPLG et François Greck architecte DPLG
  • – Langue : Français
  • – EAN13 : 9782911589157

Hué - 1998 - Capital of Legend

Hué – Capitale de légende

  • – Éditions d’Indochine
  • – Photographies de Thomas Renaut
  • – Texte et légendes de Michel Hoang
  • – Croquis de Jean-Christophe Marchal architecte DPLG et François Greck architecte DPLG
  • – ISBN 10: 2911589122 / ISBN 13: 9782911589126

Colloque EFEO - Vientiane

Cultures of Lao minorities

Cultures of Lao minorities, valorization of a heritage (Cultures minoritaires du Laos, Valorisation d’un patrimoine) – 1996

  • UNESCO Publisher : Mémoires des Peuples (Memories of the people)
  • Photo library François Greck: Ethnic Minorities – Phongsaly Province – North Laos
  • Mission 1992 CNRS URA 1075 PARIS

"Laos, I popoli delle montagne" - TV Documentary

Televisione Svizzera Italiana, Director Adriano Zeccha
Shooting planning, identification of the ethnic populations by Francois Greck

Mention d’honneur de sélection. XXVIIIème FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DU FILM MARITIME ET D’EXPLORATION. Toulon (France), 1995


Best Mountain Film. 8th ADVENTURE FILM FESTIVAL. Calcutta (India), 1997


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Eternal Vientiane - Éditions d'Indochine

Eternal Vientiane – Éditions d’Indochine

Contemporary portrait of a timeless city Renaut-Dubus

Master La Sorbonne/CNRS François Greck – 1993

Master François Greck – History of Indochina Peninsula Civilizations – École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) Paris IV La Sorbonne CNRS

This study project of Lao architecture was funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs – “Bourse Lavoisier.” “This curriculum is a directory of traditional architectural productions. Laos has an exceptional variety of wooden structures that tend to disappear. Like any craft, it is necessary to preserve the principles and techniques, it is for space and it can pervade the imagination of its creators.”

Sample drawings of the Architectural Survey of a Lao village, accompanied by photos of a 90 days trek in the District of Phongsaly as part of the Master research.
Ethnic group Lolo (Ho China)

Followed by pictures of the 90 days trekking in Phongsaly district for the Master research