Wat That Foune

Vat That Foune temple project
Lao Buddhist Federation
Funded by:
Pascal Goyer
Mission presentation:
Les Ateliers de la Peninsule contracted by Pascal Goyer, Zen monk sponsor of Wat That Foune temple, worked with the temple Buddhist Venerable to define the religious building construction program according to the construction traditions and rituals to observe at various stages of the construction phases. This experience enabled architects to work with the community of craftsmen specialized in the construction of religious buildings and to learn the different traditional and specific works such as wood carving, glass mosaic works, cement molding used for the temple Buddhist images decoration implementation.
The Ateliers de la Peninsule architects had the privilege of having a copper plate in their name, buried in the building foundations following the Lao Buddhist temple construction traditions, as being the architects selected to design and supervise the Wat That Foune temple construction project.